Cox Brings the Cloud Closer with Launch of Cox EdgeSM

ATLANTA, June 17, 2021 – Cox Communications today announced the launch of Cox EdgeSM, a full stack edge-cloud computing service. Cox Edge delivers ultra-low latency compute solutions, helping customers to improve application performance and to reduce cloud transport and on-premise infrastructure costs.

The shape of the internet is evolving.  Increasingly immersive digital experiences require faster application performance and response times to delight consumers. Technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence drive the need for real-time processing and decision making.   These and other innovations can benefit from bringing compute power closer to the action – to where users are engaging and to where sensor data is being created. 

Cox Edge, with last mile edge locations and a global network, brings compute resources closer to users and businesses.  This can help reduce cloud transport costs, improve application resiliency and continuity, reduce latency to deliver near real-time application performance, and provider better overall security.

“Across all industries, companies are creating applications and user experiences that require workloads to be processed at the edge to unlock new levels of performance,” said Sujata Gosalia, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Cox Communications.  “Cox is proud to deliver these powerful services to developers and enterprises as a telecommunications provider, leveraging our network’s proximity to businesses and consumers.”

Cox Edge is a full stack edge-cloud infrastructure service deployed from last-mile edge data centers, with offerings that will include Virtual Compute, Storage, Bare Metal, Edge CDN, Distributed Database services, Serverless computing, Distributed Containers, and Enterprise Kubernetes. The services are offered through an integrated user experience, so that developers can easily augment their cloud or on-premise deployments with edge capabilities.

Cox Edge is the newest Cox Business line that addresses the evolving needs of its commercial customers. For more information, please visit

Cox Business provides a combination of connectivity, communications, cloud and video services to more than 355,000 small and regional businesses nationwide, including health care providers; K−12 and higher education; financial institutions; and federal, state and local governments. The organization also serves most of the top-tier wireless and wireline telecommunications carriers in the U.S. through its wholesale division. For more information, please visit

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