Cox Response to Copyright Case



Cox Communications Response to Copyright Case


“The verdict is unwarranted, unjust and an egregious amount. Today, you can download a song for a dollar. This verdict is for nearly $100,000 per song. We plan to appeal the case and vigorously defend ourselves. We provide customers with a powerful tool that connects to a world full of content and information. Unfortunately, some customers have chosen to use that connection for wrongful activity. We don’t condone it, we educate on it and we do our best to help curb it, but we shouldn’t be held responsible for the bad actions of others.”


Additional information:

  • Cox was the first to develop a graduated response system for handling notices from copyright holders. This system served as a model for the record industry.

  • Cox continues to provide top-rated Internet service which supports the music industry’s shift to a streaming model.

  • No one, including Cox, profits from or markets to those who choose to illegally download copyrighted works.

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